Helenemaria Christensen is educated State examined voice teacher at the Royal Acadamy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark. Futher education in Oslo and Basel.

Began as 13 years old a singing career at St. Mortens Church in Randers, Denmark, where she appeared as a soloist and later as 16 years old gave singing lessons to choir singers invited by the church organist and cantor. Toured with the concert choir at home and abroad in the years 1963-1971.

For a period a member of the opera choir, Aarhus, Denmark. 1992-94 concerts at home and abroad. Mainly Danish and German music from the Romantic period as well as premieres of German composers from the 20th century, such as the song-cycle “Allein” by Raimund Schwedeler and the premiere of a selection of Botho Sigwarts songs(vocal/piano).

1992-1994 a series of portrait representation of H.C. Andersen (his words in music and drama) in collaboration with students at high schools and colleges.(The project supported by the National Cultural Foundation).

1998-2004 portrait concerts of Carl Nielsen, C.E.F.Weyse, Peter Heise, “Love songs of all time,” Opera concerts. International Folksongs with orchestra.(20 concerts a year for 4 years).

Concerts in California with Bonnie Sher:
“Composers from Vienna” 2008 – 2009
“Mozart- his letters and music” 2009 and 1010
“Robert Schumann- Clara- Brahms. Letters and music” 2011

Today Helenemaria is a sought after voice teacher.
Teaches also piano and drama.

Listen to Mozart – his letters and music

Mozart breve og musik


“Composers from Vienna” 2008 – 2009″

Dear Helenemaria,
I just want to thank you again for giving us such a beautiful gift on Wednesday…
it was such a beautiful program and it was presented so lovingly and expressively….

// Trudy

Helenemaria, Thank you for the lovely concert of Viennese music.
We were privileged to be in the “salon” to hear such an intimate and charming performance.

// All the best, Dale and Clarice